Sunday, August 2, 2015

3 Scientific Sink Faucets for Future Home

I believe that the products in the future will not only have sense of scientific technology, but also show respect for nature and resource.

1.      Hudōr Faucet
Recently designer Fraser Leid designed a sink faucet sponsored by Audi, which is full  of science and technology feeling. The design aims to save more water and break the traditional concept about washing hands.
The whole ring is made of carbon composites and matches with tempered glass and two aluminum rings. The water sprayed from different directions of this ring will not cause any impact to hands.

The cleaning device distributes around circular system. It can save more water and spray demineralized water containing liquid soap at the same time. There is a set of optical band on the back of the ring, which is used to disinfect and sterilize.

There is a red circular temperature regulator on the black box of Hudōr Faucet, which  can be used to adjust water temperature depending on the temperature of the external environment.
2.      Ametis: joystick - style sink faucet

This is an innovative faucet. Its switch is like a joystick of game controller. And its head is different from ordinary sink faucets’, because it is twisty. In addition, there is a ring of LED lights on the bottom of Ametis, which makes the faucet full of fashion.
3.      Duoconceptual design of future sink faucet
The future double sink faucets concept was proposed by designer Berkan Taskin. It is unique because there are two outlets which can spray water simultaneously in semi-circular sink faucet. In this way, the faucet can greatly save using space. So this innovative product is ideal for using in public spaces.


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