Saturday, February 28, 2015

6 Most Incredible LED Products

LED, short for “light emitting diode”, is a kind of solid light-emitting semiconductor device. It can emit colorful lights with solid semiconductor chips as luminescent materials. LED products are high-tech products making use of LED as light source.

LED is known as lighting source IV with the advantage of energy conservation, long operating life (35,000 h-50,000 h), environmental protection, small volume, etc., which is widely used in such fields as indication, display, decoration, backlight, illumination, etc.


This LED light won the first prize and best lighting design in Biffi Luce. Designers tend to design LED lights with more changeable model, so they begin to gain a growing popularity in the market.

LED mirror

LED mirror, just as the name implies, it combines the LED light with the mirror together. And this vertical LED mirror offers a 23.6 in. x 31.5 in. silvered mirror, application of 5mm float glass and LED light source, safe and energy-efficient. And the LED mirror is covered with silvered reflection layer, which guarantees clear and real phantom. This LED mirror can also be turned on and off with touch button easily. 


You can DIY beautiful Cloud Lights with just a few LED lights and a chunk of cotton. The graceful and romantic Cloud Lights will bring you a sweet dream.

Pooping Dog Lamp vividly imitate the manner and action of a pooping dog, which appears to be very funny. Especially the embarrassing dog poop, it is actually the switch of the lamp.


The Dutch designer, Bertjan Pot, designs the LED light---heracleum. This chandelier is made up of 63 white LED lights, as if a reversed tree overgrew with shining leaves, fantastic and natural.


This one is named as tree ring, created by the designer, Judson Beaumont. The glowing tree ring combines the natural characteristic with the modern technology, and the colorful LED lights make the wood decorative lamp even more charming in the night.


The Israeli designer, Dan Yeffet, engraves his fingerprint into tridimensional lampshade. The light passes through the gaps of the lampshade, filling in the entire space, in which lingering warmth diffuses.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Most Popular LED Mirrors

When you select one bathroom mirror, you shall take your overall bathroom design into consideration. Apart from considering about convenience and practicality, remaining an art piece on the bathroom wall also plays an important role.

Together with LED lights to illuminate your bathroom space, LED mirrors will offer you all of this in a handy package.

LED Sensor Mirror with Shaver Socket and Steam Pad

This 45 x 60cm mirror provides LED lights that run down both sides of the mirror. And it is easy to switch on and off the LED lights with the sensor technology, which needs only a simple wave of your hand in front of the LED mirror. So it can be regarded as an ideal product for a family bathroom design. When you get out of a hot bath or shower, you must be bothered with your misted mirror. But with the help of the steam pads, you can get rid of this trouble.

Luminoso LED Sensor Mirror and Digital Clock

This fashionable  50×70cm LED mirror, except for LED lights located at the top, provides a digital clock designed at the bottom center of the LED mirror, which makes sure that you can know the time at all times. The LED mirror located at the top of the mirror brightens up the bathroom space, which can be switched on and off easily with a simple wave of your hand in front of the LED mirror.

Luminoso LED Sensor Mirror and Digital Clock (Horizontal)

This LED mirror provides a large 80×60cm rectangular mirror, which is suitable for the larger bathroom design. LED lights run down the four sides of the mirror creating a fantastic lighting effect with a clear reflection. This one also has a digital clock at the bottom center of the mirror so you can always know the time and with a simple wave of your hand in front of the LED mirror, the LED lights can be switched on and off.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 4 Most Popular LED Products

It is great to decorate your home with LED lights. With these small sparkling lights you can make your ordinary home stand out. Now what you need is just some inspiration ideas. And here are some creative decorating LED products for your inspiration. If you want to buy relevant products, I can provide some websites of the products.

1. LED lighted acrylic stairs

When you walk down the stairs, you can feel the peace and harmony light in the living room. This LED lighted  acrylic stairs with no rails are designed in a curvy pattern, which look like a high ladder leading to the paradise.

2. Illuminated cocktail table

This color-changing illuminated table can bring a new experience to your outdoor party and there are 4 colors available for you to choose. You can change the color into red, blue, white or green light with the click of a switch. The LED lights are designed inside the base of the table, generating a mysterious and appealing effect. You can also turn the lights off in the daytime for power saving. Furthermore, this table is matched with a pair of lighted chairs.

If you want to buy such kind of tables, please visit the following website---

3. LED mirrors

LED mirrors begin to gain more and more popularity in our daily life. They are illuminated by energy efficient LED backlit which are usually operated by infrared on/off switch. The simple yet elegant LED mirror has a shining halo light effect, giving your bathroom a modern new look. As we all know, mirrors can help to enhance the sensation of light and space in a room, so LED mirrors combined with those qualities will bring your bathroom a great contemporary improvement.

If you want to buy such kind of LED mirrors, they are available in the following website---

4. LED wall sconces

Do you really think that what you are looking at is just a gorgeous LED wall sculpture? If yes, you are definitely wrong. In fact, apart from as a decoration, it can also be used as a weather forecaster with a tangible user interface. The LED wall sconces are controlled by a small acrylic cube with icons on each side, each of which represents one lighting mode of the wall sculpture. When the side of the icon is facing up, the mode represented by the icon will be activated.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

6 Steps to DIY Mosaic Art at Home

Have you ever been bored with those old items in your home? If you have, don’ t bother changing new ones. Just decorate them with mosaic décor and be creative about making use of those unimpressive stuffs around you, such as some abandoned CDs, glass tiles, stones, etc. Use those stuffs in variant colors and funny shapes that will make your old tables or chairs look new and chic. Only with a little effort can you make your home full of art. Next, I will show you how to DIY a work of art in your home.
DIY Mosaic art
1. Find some beautiful pieces of glass tiles, stones, seashells, CDs, or anything else that you have. You can decorate your tables, chairs, mirrors or flowerpots with those stuffs. But you shall make sure to pick a strong foundation to stick those glass tiles(or other stuffs) so that it can hold the weight of them.

2. Select a pattern you like to make into a mosaic. You can design one with your imagination or choose one available online. As a beginner, I suggest you may start from a simple pattern.

3. Draw or print out the pattern you need and place it on a flat surface. You can use a hammer or other tools to break glass tiles into pieces and make sure that the pieces of glass tiles are clean of any dirt. Then roughly lay them as the pattern.

4. According to the recommendations of the manufacturer, mix mortar and apply it to the base with a trowel or other tools. You shall put the glass tiles into the mortar before it dries out. Apply those glass tiles piece by piece from one corner of the pattern. And be sure that you have left enough space between pieces for grout. Clear away the extra mortar on the mosaic tiles after the mortar is congealed.

5. Mix the grout. There are many colors that you can choose to add into the grout and select one that will make your mosaic stand out. And apply it with a spatula to the spaces between the glass tiles until it fills the creases.

6. In order to clear away the grout on the surface of the mosaic, you shall wipe it with a clean towel and warm water. Then coat the mosaic with varnish which will protect it from damage and will also make the glass tile shine out in the sunshine.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Those Intelligent Sink Faucets Make the Kitchen and Bathroom Smarter

When we mention the intelligent equipment, kitchen and bathroom are more likely to be ignored. Sink faucets may be one of the most unimpressive home supplies in our home and we believe that most of people only care about the material and valve quality of the faucet. In terms of the technology in those products, they may never expect a surprise.

However, since the internet of things technology has penetrated into every aspect of our home, transforming the unnoticeable sink faucet through the high technology is an inevitable choice. Some of them can help you save water, and some can keep the proper water temperature. In brief, they are really attractive.
  • Grohe Minta Touch

sink faucets

The first product is an intelligent sink faucet used in kitchen from Grohe. We have to touch the kitchen faucet everyday, which has become a customary mode in our daily life. But the Minta Touch sink faucet brings a new experience for people when touching the faucet. A kind of electronic device can be activated by touching any part of the faucet in stead of the traditional lever principle. Except for the unique aesthetic design, the best advantage of this sink faucet is its hygiene. Our hands often become very dirty in the process of cooking, but this faucet can guarantee its cleanliness.
  • Hansgrohe Axor Starck

sink faucets

Hansgrohe enjoys the equal popularity with the Grohe, also from Germany. The series of Axor Starck is not only beautifully shaped, but also can be supplied by built-in battery. It can also control the precise temperature. 
  • Pfister sink faucet with automatic sensing

sink faucets

The latest product of Pfister even need not any body contact. As long as you stand before the sink faucet, it will flow.

The motion sensor of fast reaction has embedded in this sink faucet, combined with the technology of Selia Touch-Free Kitchen Faucet, which can detect if there are people before it quickly. Besides, the adjusting knob is designed on the sink to control the water temperature. Those who don’t like control the faucet manually can also choose the system automatic sensing to adjust the water temperature and current.
  • iWash intelligent concept sink faucet

sink faucets

Hand-washing is a good habit for basic personal hygiene, even though it cannot be more common in our daily life. But do you really believe that you have cleaned your hands? Even if you wash your hands frequently, many adults still wash up carelessly for all kinds of reasons and will not pay much attention to this. So this iWash concept sink faucet can visualize bacteria when you wash your hands, thus realizing the importance of the hand-washing.

iWash seems to have little difference from the ordinary sensing faucet, except its shape change into a big disc like a sprinkler. A built-in digital microscope can help you visualize the form of the bacteria from the upper screen when washing. If there are too much bacteria recognized, then the system will indicate red LED light; if the number of bacteria is reduced to the normal level after washing, the LED light will turn to green and the screen will also become transparent, reminding you have cleaned your hands up, otherwise it will remind you to wash again.


As an old saying goes: ”Details reflect the quality of life.” Such kitchen & bathroom accessories as sink faucets can be full of technological content, which will not only bring more convenience for our life, but also save energy and protect environment. Isn’t it worthwhile to spend a little more money on those products with high technology?

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The Past and Present of the LED Mirror

LED mirrors have walked into the ordinary families gradually and it not only meets the basic requirements, but also brings aesthetic feelings. But do you know about its development? I will show you in the following.

In the ancient time, human didn’t have mirrors. They can see their own figure only by the help of the quiet and clear water surface. Later, ancient people found a kind of stone named “obsidian” through which they can look themselves after rubbing it down, and this is so-called “stone mirror”.

About 3000 B.C., ancient Egyptians mastered the production technology of bronze. Meanwhile, they also found that the bronze plate can be used as mirrors after polishing.

In 1508, Italian glaziers---Dal Caro brothers developed the practical glass mirror successfully. They first paste the tinfoil on the glass, then pour the mercury, a kind of liquid metal, which can dissolve the tin well. And a thin layer of alloy of tin and mercury(“tin amalgam”) is formed in this way. The tin amalgam can closely stick to the glass, thus the glass mirror is created.

However, it is too much trouble to make mercury glass mirrors which need take about one month’s time to make them. Besides, mercury is poisonous and the mirror surface is not bright enough, so people managed to improve it. In 1843, German scientist ---Liebig invented the silvered glass mirror. The bright layer in the back of this kind of glass is not smeared or electroplated, but coated by the help of a special and interesting chemical reaction---“silver mirror reaction”. In order to enhance the durability of this mirror, a layer of red protective paint is usually applied on the silver layer.

In 1970s, the aluminum glass mirror is invented in the following method: evaporate the aluminum to congeal the aluminum steam on the glass, forming a thin layer of aluminum coating. This kind of mirror is much cheaper and more durable than the silver mirror, which opens a new page in the history of the mirrors.

Now with the development of the high technology, LED mirrors begin to gain more popularity in the daily life. The LED mirror, which combines the neat design with concealed light fittings, is a really a beautiful way to enhance the bathroom.

LED mirror

As we all know, mirrors can help us to enhance the sensation of light and space in a room, so it will give us a dramatic contemporary upgrade by combing those qualities with the sophisticated LED technology. And maybe this is the reason why the LED mirror is created.

LED mirror

Mirrors for bathroom have been a key innovator for over centuries. People continuously pursue fresh arrival of mirrors that are equipped with or without the advanced LED technology. And I wonder what the next high-tech mirror would be like.

LED mirror

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5 Things That You Must Know about How to Choose One-piece Toilet

one-piece toilet

1. Weight

The heavier the better. Ordinary one-piece toilets are about 25kg and the good ones are about 50kg. The heavy one-piece toilet with high density is usually superior in quality. As for simple method for testing the weight of it, you can take up the tank cap to weigh its weight in your hands.

one-piece toilet

2. Water outlet

The one-piece toilet with one sewage hole is the best, but the number of many brands' sewage hole is about 2-3 (according to different caliber), affecting the impulsive force to a large extent. The water outlet in the washroom can be divided into down drain and horizontal drain, so you shall measure the distance from the center of the lower water outlet to the wall after the tank, then buy the one-piece toilet of the correct model to match the distance, otherwise, the toilet cannot be installed. The water outlet of the toilet with horizontal drain shall be of the same height with the horizontal water outlet(or the slightly higher height would be better), which can guarantee the unblocked sewage discharge.

one-piece toilet

3. Caliber

Sewage pipes with large caliber and glazing internal surface are less prone to stick dirty. In addition, the one-piece toilet of this kind can blow off the sewage quickly and powerfully, preventing the block in an efficient way. Testing method: put your hand in the outlet of the one-piece toilet, the one can hold your palm is the best.

one-piece toilet

4. Tank

It is not easy to realize the leakage in the storage tank of the one-piece toilet unless there is obvious dripping sound. The simple checking method is to drop blue ink into the tank and to check if there is blue water leaking out from the toilet after mixing up. If yes, it indicates that the toilet is damaged. It is good to recall here that the tank's height of the toilet, which is relatively high, usually has a strong impulsive force.

one-piece toilet

5. Flushing

The flushing way really matters. And it can be classified into wash-down type, rotary siphon type, vortical siphon type and siphon-jet type. Furthermore, choosing different drainage way shall also be noted: wash-down type, siphon wash-down type and siphon vertical type, etc. The water injection amount of wash-down type and siphon wash-down type is about 6L. They are superior in sewage discharge but produce large sound when flushing; while the swirling type has a good mute effect but demands great water consumption.

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Something Maybe You Don't Know About Glass Tiles

Mosaic is a good choice for home decoration. Tracing back to the age of ancient Greek, it became popular in the ancient Rome from when it became the favorite of the elegant people. Now, mosaic has changed its image as a coarse construction material into a symbol of the luxurious arts. And many small pieces of mosaic can bring people infinite imagination and creation spaces.
  • Glass mosaic

A layer pattern of flower is put on the back of the plat transparent glass. From the front side, it looks like ceramics and from the side view, it is transparent. Glass mosaic tile, which can also be short for glass tile, has bright colors, but also possesses the obvious features of fragile and bad heating - shock.

Glass tile is widely used in the swimming pool, science and technology museum, theater, television tower, kindergarten, amusement park, bathroom, bars, clubs, etc... Its glowing effect is more prominent, especially when surrounding environment is dark at night and in the application on wall or floor of indoor.

In the process of design and construction, after the light of fluorescent lamps is shed on the building, it will be glittering like translucent jades, tranquil and secret, which adds supernormal mysterious color and infinite romantic emotional appeal for the building itself in the darkness. 
  • Stone mosaic

It is made of natural stones by special technology without any colorful chemical dyestuff. Compared with glass tile it is bad in waterproof, acidic-resistant and alkaline resistant.
  • Ceramic mosaic

It is applied a layer of uranium on the surface of the ceramic body, equaling to a small piece of tile. In contrast with the glass tile, It can be made in different glossiness and different colors, with the advantages of the ceramic, such as high strength, well obdurability and heat shock resistance, and it owns the damp proof, waterproof, wear-resisting features and it is easy to clean, which is mostly used in the outside wall, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Mental mosaic

It has high hardness and strength, well light-protection and finish, it is brighter but it must be prevented from scratching, and it is more expensive than the glass tile.
  • Shell mosaic

It has smooth touch feeling, so it is closer to nature. After cutting, shaving, dyeing with special technology and waxing, nature shell is made into the shell mosaic with the high light-admitting, environment-protecting and colorful features.

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