Thursday, August 27, 2015

3 Stylish Basins to Freshen Your Senses

There are many choices of bathroom basins, which makes us difficult to pick. So if you want some inspirations, take a look at these unique basin designs which are tasteful and pleasant for the eyes.

FolloMe Basin

FolloMe Basin, which was designed by Will MacCormac, has a self draining surface. So the no visible pipe design makes the basin very modern and easy to clean. The linear design not only creates a beautiful visual effect, but also has a physical function that it can effectively reduce water slashing. What’s more, the slots are applied to guide water into draining.


Erosion Basin

This eco-friendly basin, which is from Gore Design Co., is made of reclaimed materials and industrial byproducts which is called ""Recycrete." Its design is inspired by what happens when water erodes a softer. If placing this eye-catching basin in bathroom, the bathroom will immediately look gorgeous.


Pipeless Basin

This basin having a magic trick is like a decoration. There is no visible drain pipe under the basin, because the water will flow back into the wall connection after using. This “Horizontal Integrated Siphon” system is a modern and funky way to hide pipes and make bathroom stand out. 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Benefits of Using Glass Tile as Backsplashes

Kitchen is not easy to be decorated well, because appliances and cabinets take up the most space of wall. And hanging ornaments like light fixtures in kitchen is not a good idea. Using glass tile as backsplash is a method to make kitchen stand out.

glass tile

The humidity of kitchen is changed frequently, and grease can be generated while cooking. So glass tile is very suitable andpractical for use as a backsplash in kitchen, because the surface of it is nonporous which avoids bacteria, mold, or mildew breeding. In addition, glass tile is very easy to clean and maintain.

glass tile

As we all know, glass tile is a very beautiful material to decorate home. What’s more, the glazed surface of glass tile can reflect light to make room look more spacious and brighter. Generally there are many cabinets placing in kitchen, which block the outside light shining in. So it is a good choice to use glass tile as backsplash which can enrich beauty and light to the kitchen.

glass tile
Glass tile backsplash combined beauty with practicability is very ideal for applying
in kitchen. It can make backsplash a focal point at home.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tips on How to Choose Between Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile

Tiles are ideal for using on walls, floors or backsplashes in bathroom or kitchen. They are good focal points to highlight design in the house. But what’s the differences between tiles.

Ceramic tile is mainly made from the material produced by heating and cooling natural clay. Because of its various colors and patterns, it can provide different style for rooms. Its surface is always divided into glazed and unglazed. The reason why some people choose it is not only because of its great appearance, but also because of cost effectiveness.

It is necessary to know the PEI factor of ceramic tile when you purchase it. PEI from 1 to 5 respectively represent different scratch resistant. The higher the PEI is, the stronger it is.
ceramic tile

Porcelain tile is normally a little more expensive than ceramic tile, because it is made of highly refined clay. That is to say, porcelain tile is denser and more rugged. So it is a good choice for big family. The PEI system is also applicable for porcelain tiles.
porcelain tile

Glass tile can bring your personal style to life and give your home a contemporary look. Although its price is more expensive than the other two tiles, it is very functional and easy to clean. And glass tile is rarely used for a full wall, instead that it is commonly used for decoration.
If you decide to use glass tile to decorate home, you can read my article How to Select Glass Tiles and Advantages And Disadvantages of Glass Tiles.

glass tile

Now do you have any ideas about how to decorate your home with these tiles? No matter which tile you choose, I believe you can give a new fresh feeling to your home.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Advantages of Using Glass Tile in Bathroom and Kitchen

Because of its low permeability surface, glass tile is very ideal for using in damp places like bathroom and kitchen. Therefore, bacteria and mildew are hard to breed on it. So if you are allergic constitution like have allergies or asthma, glass tile will be your best choice

Glass tile is so popular for tub, decorative wall, counter and back splash of kitchen. Except for the advantage mentioned, the surface of glass tile is also quite slick to clean easily.

As the material can shine in the dark, glass tile can be used for bathroom floor or decorative wall. The light reflected by glass tile will make room look more spacious and brighter. So it is a popular choice for the naturally dark rooms.

A great variety of colors and shapes of glass tile give people plentiful selections. Hence, you can enjoy your creativity on decorating house.

Glass tile is alsovery easy to maintain and care for. Its nonporous surface can not be so easy to get stains as ceramic or tiles. But if it gets dirty, simply cleaning it with glass cleaner or window cleaner will restore its shining surface.

Besides, glass tile is quite durable so that it do not fade and can withstand different temperature. Thus, it is suitable for room having strong sunlight.

Finally, because of the less energy cost in manufacture, glass tile is very environmental.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Unclog a Bathroom Sink Without Chemicals

If your bathroom basin drains slowly, that means you should clean the drain. I will show you how to remove the clog out of your basin without using chemicals which is bad to breath and also costs money.

The reasons why basin being clogged are mostly because hair and soap scum are caught on stopper or pivot rod. Here is the method of fixing it that only takes you about 20 minutes: 

  • Step one, lift out the stopper of basin. And as the type of drains of bathroom basins is slow-moving or stopped-up normally, you can remove the nut of the pivot rod and pull out the pivot rod to release the stopper if it can not be lifted out.
  • Step two, take a wire (using coat hanger or electrical wire will be OK) with tight hook at one end to fish hair or other clog out.
  • Step three, after cleaning the clog, you need to tighten the nut of pivot rod. First hand-tighten it and then use a plier to make it tighter.
  • Step four, let hot water run down the drain to see if the clog is clear. In addition, using hot water has another purpose of removing the remanent soap scum. Moreover, you have to check around the pivot rod nut to see if it is leaking.

If your want to know more information about basin, you can read How to Choose Basin for Bathroom.

Monday, August 10, 2015

7 Fashionable and Intelligent Sink Faucets - High-tech Bathroom Beautify Life

As technology has permeated almost every facet of our lives, we are enjoying convenience brought by technology. The sink faucets that combined high-tech with fashion make our bathroom and kitchen more stylish.
Newform Y-con, a touching faucet with sensor, has sleek chrome surface. Its innovative electronic touch-button can be used to adjust water flow and temperature. What’s more, it has a custom spout which can be pulled out.
Zen Static Tap is a touch-control sink faucet. Its light indicator flashes as the temperature changes to make your bathroom add chic and luxury.
X-Touch Mixer, a multifunctional sink faucet, replaced traditional faucet handle with button combination panel, which can be operated simply.
VADO V-touch sink faucet used touch-screen design so that users can visually operate through several virtual keys to change the flow and temperature of water.
Miscea, a multipurpose touch-free faucet, does not have normal switch. A high-tech induction plate on which soap, disinfect and water were marked was placed next to the oulet. And there is a LCD in the middle of it.
Touch Screen Faucet was launched by Fima company. You can get the desired water temperature and flow by touching the corresponding place on the screen.
Elettronico designed by Carlo Frattini, is a intelligent sink faucet. You can adjust the temperature and flow of water by LCD touch screen. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

4 Bathroom Products Take You to Feel the Science and Technology in the Bathroom

What will bathroom look like in the future? Will it give you a customized experience? The answer is yes. Bathroom can become your personal SPA and health center in the future.Let’s look at these follow four bathroom tech products:

1. iHouse Smarthydro: A smart bathtub which can be controlled by using a mobile phone.
iHouse, a Brazilian home automation company, launched a smart bathtub called Smarthydro, which can be remote controlled by using a mobile phone to fill it with water. When the bath water reaches the height you need, it will remind you to bath. And it also has heating function, which can make the water maintain at the temperature you like. After bathing, the system can clean bathtub with recycled water and detergent automatically.In addition, Smarthydro also has a voice system to hint you that your bathtub has been ready. And the LCD screen on the border of tub can display the water temperature so that you can adjust temperature intuitively. It is also worth mentioning that the transparent design is quite excellent.

2. POSH: Multi-touch Interactive Mirror
POSH has a sense for technology. As long as you touch the small lighted button on the bottom right corner of mirror, customizable applications and widgets will appear on the mirror. What’s more, you can look into the mirror as usual. POSH also can be connected to your smart phone. So you can check e-mails, text messages, weather and traffic conditions, even can watch TV, videos and sports news on the mirror.
Besides, its toothbrush timer application will make sure that your tooth get enough attention; and its make-up application uses built-in camera to zoom in and out your facial image.

3. Kohler One-piece Toilet: Numi
Numi has automatic opening and closing coverplate and seat heating function, and also has the ambient illumination, foot warmers, embedded deodorant, touch- screen remote which can play music, water temperature controller and spray settings.
Furthermore, the sensor at the bottom can adjust the height of toilet seat for you according to the length of your foot.
Here is the comparison between one-piece toilet with two-piece toilet

4. Beam: Smart Toothbrush with Apps
Beam is the first toothbrush implanted app in the world. And it is also compatible with iOS and Android platform. The manual toothbrush embedded sensor and bluetooth radio can be started as soon as it touches the mouth. If you slack off during brushing or brush too long in one place, the application will remind you thoughtfully.
Beam company says that the average of brushing time is only 46 seconds, while the length of time recommended is two minutes. If using timer, the possibility that people spend over two minutes on brushing teeth will increase 50%. The supporting applications of Beam not only support the timer, but also can play songs. Even it can record your experiences of brushing, and the records will be sent to the dentist before you visit him.

Creativity Is Everywhere - 5 Minimalist Sink Faucets

Are there many abstract paintings hanging in your home to manifest artistic atmosphere? Maybe you just need to change your sink faucet. Here are 5 minimalist sink faucets, coupled with which the room will become different immediately.
This sink faucet has advantages of straight lines, slim contour and simple sense of aesthetics. It not only can save space, but also can increase the appreciation value of art.The design emphasizes the clarity and beauty of lines, which reflects the aesthetic and abstract thought of designer.
The brass plated or nickel drawed and other alternative material on the sink fauce surface can cater all styles of  home decoration. The strong metal texture gives you a steady and tasteful feeling.Its built-in aerator and operating lever are easy to use. And its shape is in minimalist style, which can create a extraordinary atmosphere at home.
The minimalist sink faucet is produced by an Italian bathroom products company. Its impressionist design going with the minimalist style shows features of art.
The faucet is designed by designer Simone, which cleverly combines the form with application of function. Because of its strong applicability, it can be set at all corners. It can create exclusive home life to highlight the unique personality.
Designer has applied ingenious design inspiration from every angle. There is no redundance in his design. The faucet is very simple but gives people a ultra-modern feeling.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Creative Sink Faucets Make Our Home Unique

Smart faucets can save water, maintain the most suitable temperature,  and embody the taste and unique of home.

ARC: Elegant Design for Faucet 
This is a unique and elegant faucet called ARC, which brings a new experience to daily drinking water. Its streamlined design and unique beauty will give home a new look.
Crosswater Digital Elite

Crosswater Digital Elite is equipped with an LED display which can be touched to control the water flow and temperature. Users can also remotely control Crosswater Digital Elite by smartphone. So it can automatically make bath water ready before we go to the bathroom.

Grohe Ondus Digital
Grohe, made in Germany, is a star brand in the field of  sanitary wares. The new digital sensor sink faucet of Ondus Digital series launched by this company is not only adopted with a high level of ergonomic equipment to ensure that the operation is easy and comfortable, but also can accurately set the flow rate and temperature through electronic temperature control. And the parameter which has been set will immediately appear on the display.

Driving at home - put into gear style sink faucet

If I do not tell you the truth, I am afraid it is hard for you to find the work like car gear is actually a sink faucet. The designer applied this classic design of cars into the faucet design skillfully. Corresponding " neutral " to "OFF" and 1,2,3,4 gear to different flow intensity make the faucet look so special.

3 Scientific Sink Faucets for Future Home

I believe that the products in the future will not only have sense of scientific technology, but also show respect for nature and resource.

1.      Hudōr Faucet
Recently designer Fraser Leid designed a sink faucet sponsored by Audi, which is full  of science and technology feeling. The design aims to save more water and break the traditional concept about washing hands.
The whole ring is made of carbon composites and matches with tempered glass and two aluminum rings. The water sprayed from different directions of this ring will not cause any impact to hands.

The cleaning device distributes around circular system. It can save more water and spray demineralized water containing liquid soap at the same time. There is a set of optical band on the back of the ring, which is used to disinfect and sterilize.

There is a red circular temperature regulator on the black box of Hudōr Faucet, which  can be used to adjust water temperature depending on the temperature of the external environment.
2.      Ametis: joystick - style sink faucet

This is an innovative faucet. Its switch is like a joystick of game controller. And its head is different from ordinary sink faucets’, because it is twisty. In addition, there is a ring of LED lights on the bottom of Ametis, which makes the faucet full of fashion.
3.      Duoconceptual design of future sink faucet
The future double sink faucets concept was proposed by designer Berkan Taskin. It is unique because there are two outlets which can spray water simultaneously in semi-circular sink faucet. In this way, the faucet can greatly save using space. So this innovative product is ideal for using in public spaces.