Thursday, August 27, 2015

3 Stylish Basins to Freshen Your Senses

There are many choices of bathroom basins, which makes us difficult to pick. So if you want some inspirations, take a look at these unique basin designs which are tasteful and pleasant for the eyes.

FolloMe Basin

FolloMe Basin, which was designed by Will MacCormac, has a self draining surface. So the no visible pipe design makes the basin very modern and easy to clean. The linear design not only creates a beautiful visual effect, but also has a physical function that it can effectively reduce water slashing. What’s more, the slots are applied to guide water into draining.


Erosion Basin

This eco-friendly basin, which is from Gore Design Co., is made of reclaimed materials and industrial byproducts which is called ""Recycrete." Its design is inspired by what happens when water erodes a softer. If placing this eye-catching basin in bathroom, the bathroom will immediately look gorgeous.


Pipeless Basin

This basin having a magic trick is like a decoration. There is no visible drain pipe under the basin, because the water will flow back into the wall connection after using. This “Horizontal Integrated Siphon” system is a modern and funky way to hide pipes and make bathroom stand out. 


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