Sunday, August 2, 2015

Creative Sink Faucets Make Our Home Unique

Smart faucets can save water, maintain the most suitable temperature,  and embody the taste and unique of home.

ARC: Elegant Design for Faucet 
This is a unique and elegant faucet called ARC, which brings a new experience to daily drinking water. Its streamlined design and unique beauty will give home a new look.
Crosswater Digital Elite

Crosswater Digital Elite is equipped with an LED display which can be touched to control the water flow and temperature. Users can also remotely control Crosswater Digital Elite by smartphone. So it can automatically make bath water ready before we go to the bathroom.

Grohe Ondus Digital
Grohe, made in Germany, is a star brand in the field of  sanitary wares. The new digital sensor sink faucet of Ondus Digital series launched by this company is not only adopted with a high level of ergonomic equipment to ensure that the operation is easy and comfortable, but also can accurately set the flow rate and temperature through electronic temperature control. And the parameter which has been set will immediately appear on the display.

Driving at home - put into gear style sink faucet

If I do not tell you the truth, I am afraid it is hard for you to find the work like car gear is actually a sink faucet. The designer applied this classic design of cars into the faucet design skillfully. Corresponding " neutral " to "OFF" and 1,2,3,4 gear to different flow intensity make the faucet look so special.

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