Friday, December 11, 2015

Make Your Bathroom Shine with Led Lighted Mirror

LED stands for a light emitting diode. It emanates soft lighting when electricity passes through the device.

Brighten up your routine in a more relaxing atmosphere. Theses stylish led lighted mirrors are the latest in bathroom design and illuminated mirrors. Many people place their LED mirrors in the bathroom, but it can be situated in any room in the house due to their functionality.

These state of the art mirrors have been constructed to emit as close to daytime lighting as possible, eliminating shadow effects that can happen with other lighting. This makes them an excellent addition to any household. The lighting is great for grooming activities like shaving, applying makeup, washing your face, brushing your teeth and styling your hair. LED mirrors are the perfect marriage of style and substance.

LED Mirrors

There are a variety of different sizes, models and layouts to choose from, ensuring you will be able to choose the LED mirrors that will best suit your needs. Most LED mirrors have an infrared sensor so you can simply power the mirror on and off with a wave of your hand. Many models also come with a demister or defogger feature. This is quite useful in the bathroom when having a shower or bath as it keeps your mirror steam free and clear.

When you compare fluorescent or incandescent lighting devices to LEDs, the differences are undeniable. LED is simply better since they have a low power requirement, are energy efficient and have a long lifespan. Many LED mirrors can run up to fifty thousand hours, eliminating the need to change bulbs every time your bathroom lights blow out. If installed correctly, the lifespan of your LED mirror can be even longer.

The LED technology has more lumens per watt in comparison to light bulbs that are incandescent. The performance of the LED lights is not determined by the size and shape like fluorescent tubes and light bulbs are.

LEDs can transmit light of any color without the use of filters like other lighting must use for emitting an intended color. This is a more productive and efficient way to have colored lighting and can lower costs at the beginning. LEDs also warm up very quickly, unlike traditional lighting, and can attain full brightness right away. They are difficult to damage, whereas, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs can be quite fragile.

Originating in Europe, LED mirrors were quite expensive and considered a luxury item. They are gaining popularity here in America due to their fashion factor and performance value. Although they are still considered to be luxurious, they have become more affordable over recent years, and more and more people start to buy led lighted mirror from online stores. The soft, dramatic lighting is a nice effect and is a focal point in any room in your home or business. Cosmopolitan and chic, the LED mirrors are a good investment. There’s a mirror for everyone, with features that will enhance daily living while being environmentally conscious when it comes to being energy efficient. Help usher in a new era of mirror design and see what everyone is raving about.