Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sink Faucets in Fancy Style

1. Pure

Designer Maxime Dubreucq brings this leaf faucet called "Pure"which has a slender shape. The water will flow out when you press it down. And the angle pressed will be able to control the time of water flowing. If you press harder, the time of flowing will be longer. But as long as you let go, this "leaf" will slowly return to the original position and the water will be turned off.

2. Tap Snail

Tap Snail designed by designer Suzdalev Oleg is a very interesting sink faucet. Its shape is like a snail and two tentacles are switches by which you can respectively control the hot and cold water.

3. Rotary Dial Style Faucet

Rotary Dial Style Faucet, a creativity comes from designer Eun ji Byeon, was used as a clever way to control water amount and timing closure.
There is a dial plate which has 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 15 seconds three kinds of scales on the sink faucet just like the kind of old-fashioned telephone. Water will be released as you rotate the desired scale to the bottom and loose it. And the faucet will be auto off as long as time runs out.
Using Rotary Dial Style Faucet in public restrooms is very suitable. Taken into account the sanitary condition of public goods, the faucet can avoid people touching the faucet after washing hands. And it also can save more water.

4. Linfa Range

Linfa Range designed by Andrea de Dominicis is made of two completely different materials, silver metal and white marble. And its high-tech switch can control the temperature and water flow naturally.

5. Mushroom

The mushroom shaped faucet designed by Fitorio Leksono is very unique. The blue dot and the red dot which can be respectively used to control cold and hot water are touching switches.

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