Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tips on How to Choose Between Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile

Tiles are ideal for using on walls, floors or backsplashes in bathroom or kitchen. They are good focal points to highlight design in the house. But what’s the differences between tiles.

Ceramic tile is mainly made from the material produced by heating and cooling natural clay. Because of its various colors and patterns, it can provide different style for rooms. Its surface is always divided into glazed and unglazed. The reason why some people choose it is not only because of its great appearance, but also because of cost effectiveness.

It is necessary to know the PEI factor of ceramic tile when you purchase it. PEI from 1 to 5 respectively represent different scratch resistant. The higher the PEI is, the stronger it is.
ceramic tile

Porcelain tile is normally a little more expensive than ceramic tile, because it is made of highly refined clay. That is to say, porcelain tile is denser and more rugged. So it is a good choice for big family. The PEI system is also applicable for porcelain tiles.
porcelain tile

Glass tile can bring your personal style to life and give your home a contemporary look. Although its price is more expensive than the other two tiles, it is very functional and easy to clean. And glass tile is rarely used for a full wall, instead that it is commonly used for decoration.
If you decide to use glass tile to decorate home, you can read my article How to Select Glass Tiles and Advantages And Disadvantages of Glass Tiles.

glass tile

Now do you have any ideas about how to decorate your home with these tiles? No matter which tile you choose, I believe you can give a new fresh feeling to your home.


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