Thursday, July 16, 2015

What Will Sink Faucets Look Like In the Future?

Little Twist designed by the Sarang Sheth is equipped with inner anti-splash device. Thanks to the rotary switch at the bottom of the faucet, we can wash hands and clean the rotary switch at the same time. It will avoid the trouble of the stains for faucet caused by soap and water spots.

Cook Faucet, designed by Jae il Bae, is a stylish modern design and perfectly combines electronic technology with fashion. There is a circular "COOK" logo at the top center of the sink faucet and four buttons around it. Each button has been assigned different amount of water output: normal, 100ml, 500ml and 1L.

Swirl designed by Simin Qiu, a student of London's Royal College, has a special shape of outlet. After opening the sink faucet, the water will have a special shape because of the outlet. The design of Swirl is not only to let the water become more beautiful, but also to make improvement to save water. Compared to ordinary sink faucets, Swirl can save up to 15% of water.

Ripple Faucet designed by Smith Newnam in 2008 uses a electromagnetic sensor on a metal ball to control temperature and flow by detecting the motion of  the ball.

Play Station-like faucet which is popular with gamers was designed by Jean Nouvelthe, a famous French architect, for a well-known kitchen equipment manufacturer called Jado in 2006.

You can press the"" button to start the water, press the "X" button to cancel the water and press the "△" button to adjust water temperature,  just like playing games.

Smart Faucet from iHouse may be able to show us an intelligent full interactive experience. This sink faucet can build database of user habits and make match and call through facial recognition technology. That is, when someone closes to it with his hands, he will be recognized immediately. Then the faucet will recall the preset flow rate and water temperature. It also has human-machine interaction through touch screen and provides some information services, for example it can display the news, weather and calendar, or some mails you should deal with in your brushing time.

Reece Slide Tap designed by Zeyu Zeng uses the elements of slider phones and iPhone classic sliding unlock design. It allows you to set the amount of water and temperature by sliding two touch screens on the handle.

 So, which is your favorite sink faucet?

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