Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Advantages of Using Glass Tile in Bathroom and Kitchen

Because of its low permeability surface, glass tile is very ideal for using in damp places like bathroom and kitchen. Therefore, bacteria and mildew are hard to breed on it. So if you are allergic constitution like have allergies or asthma, glass tile will be your best choice

Glass tile is so popular for tub, decorative wall, counter and back splash of kitchen. Except for the advantage mentioned, the surface of glass tile is also quite slick to clean easily.

As the material can shine in the dark, glass tile can be used for bathroom floor or decorative wall. The light reflected by glass tile will make room look more spacious and brighter. So it is a popular choice for the naturally dark rooms.

A great variety of colors and shapes of glass tile give people plentiful selections. Hence, you can enjoy your creativity on decorating house.

Glass tile is alsovery easy to maintain and care for. Its nonporous surface can not be so easy to get stains as ceramic or tiles. But if it gets dirty, simply cleaning it with glass cleaner or window cleaner will restore its shining surface.

Besides, glass tile is quite durable so that it do not fade and can withstand different temperature. Thus, it is suitable for room having strong sunlight.

Finally, because of the less energy cost in manufacture, glass tile is very environmental.

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