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The Past and Present of the LED Mirror

LED mirrors have walked into the ordinary families gradually and it not only meets the basic requirements, but also brings aesthetic feelings. But do you know about its development? I will show you in the following.

In the ancient time, human didn’t have mirrors. They can see their own figure only by the help of the quiet and clear water surface. Later, ancient people found a kind of stone named “obsidian” through which they can look themselves after rubbing it down, and this is so-called “stone mirror”.

About 3000 B.C., ancient Egyptians mastered the production technology of bronze. Meanwhile, they also found that the bronze plate can be used as mirrors after polishing.

In 1508, Italian glaziers---Dal Caro brothers developed the practical glass mirror successfully. They first paste the tinfoil on the glass, then pour the mercury, a kind of liquid metal, which can dissolve the tin well. And a thin layer of alloy of tin and mercury(“tin amalgam”) is formed in this way. The tin amalgam can closely stick to the glass, thus the glass mirror is created.

However, it is too much trouble to make mercury glass mirrors which need take about one month’s time to make them. Besides, mercury is poisonous and the mirror surface is not bright enough, so people managed to improve it. In 1843, German scientist ---Liebig invented the silvered glass mirror. The bright layer in the back of this kind of glass is not smeared or electroplated, but coated by the help of a special and interesting chemical reaction---“silver mirror reaction”. In order to enhance the durability of this mirror, a layer of red protective paint is usually applied on the silver layer.

In 1970s, the aluminum glass mirror is invented in the following method: evaporate the aluminum to congeal the aluminum steam on the glass, forming a thin layer of aluminum coating. This kind of mirror is much cheaper and more durable than the silver mirror, which opens a new page in the history of the mirrors.

Now with the development of the high technology, LED mirrors begin to gain more popularity in the daily life. The LED mirror, which combines the neat design with concealed light fittings, is a really a beautiful way to enhance the bathroom.

LED mirror

As we all know, mirrors can help us to enhance the sensation of light and space in a room, so it will give us a dramatic contemporary upgrade by combing those qualities with the sophisticated LED technology. And maybe this is the reason why the LED mirror is created.

LED mirror

Mirrors for bathroom have been a key innovator for over centuries. People continuously pursue fresh arrival of mirrors that are equipped with or without the advanced LED technology. And I wonder what the next high-tech mirror would be like.

LED mirror

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